Alaska Zyanate

Key Results

How it Started?

Alaska Zyanate manufacture & Export Sodium Cyanate/Cyanic Acid Sodium Salt NaOCN vide C.A.S No. 917-61-3 as crucial raw material for process application in industries such as fertilizer, bulk drugs, dyes & intermediates, metallurgy & pharmaceuticals.Alaska Zyanate has been formed on strong principles as a manufacturer and exporter of ‘Sodium Cyanate’ since 1997. The Company has its state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Ahmedabad, the business hub of India.Alaska Zyanate came in touch with Avid Technosys to ensure that manufacturers and firms making chemicals related searches are able to reach its website.

How we went about it? - Project Approach

In-depth market research was essential as manufacturing firms in need of chemicals followed different approach during web searches. Our marketing team started work with website analysis report, competitor analysis and industry study. It was followed by report submission in which areas of improvement in website design were suggested.

  • Detailed SEO reports highlighted steps to be taken to improve search engine performance.
  • Suggested creation of landing pages for better keyword targeting
  • Inclusion of more relevant content for keyword targeting
  • Suggested frequent content updations for better indexing
  • Coordinated with Lab Express to identify chemical products and services that have good market demand
  • Optimized such chemicals for the website to bring more clients